The Common Good
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Sojourners’ readers are conscious consumers. They buy fair trade, recycle, and research companies they do business with. When it comes to giving gifts to their loved ones they are no different. They would like their gifts to express their care for the recipient while being representative of their values.

   ❧ Handmade gifts from diverse cultures
   ❧ Fairly traded foods like coffee and chocolate.
   ❧ Books, artwork, and music that expresses the life of faith.
   ❧ Eco-friendly and sustainable products
   ❧ Charitable giving with honorariums or memorials



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What if I forgot my password?

Click the "Login/Register" link at the top of the page. At the bottom of the window that pops up you should see a link to reset your password. Click that and follow the instructions onscreen to get a new password.

How do I submit my votes?

Your votes are automatically submitted as soon as you hit the vote button.

How do I change my vote?

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